Treasury management

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Gaining greater visibility of cash allows treasury practitioners to have a better view on the cash balances of the group and to minimize the risk of failure.

Maximizing treasury management returns

Current innovations in treasury management are the results of new regulations from government and changing priorities in businesses. An accurate and thorough view on your worldwide cash positions is more essential than it has ever been. It's important to ensure that the treasury management system will function to the business requirements and can provide the users with useful reports. Implementing a treasury management system can ensure that the user can improve cash visibility and liquidity management. The treasury functionality of the QL platform can help your company in achieving the goal to get 100% cash visibility on a daily basis.

Treasury management cannot be considered separately from other financial activities that affect the cash flow of your company anymore. Our treasury management system functionality in our platform can be linked to other functionalities or can be integrated with your ERP system. A state-of-the-art cash management environment allows monitoring counterparty risks closely and accurately.

Significant statistics instead of assumptions

The treasury functionality of QL helps the treasury department with two important roles: managing cash and managing risk. Gaining greater visibility of cash allows the treasury practitioners to have a better view on the cash balances of the group and to minimize the risk of failure.

"Many treasurers still make their decisions based on forecasts based on rough estimates, rather than on up-to-date figures. This way one is at risk of losing significant amounts of money. This should not be the case; it can expose a company to unnecessary risks."

The treasury functionality integrates seamlessly with our cash management functionality cash forecasting, and they both can interface with all banks. With the two functionalities combined an international organization can achieving centralization of cash management. When choosing a new treasury management system, the implementation process is an important aspect. When installing one of QL's functionalities we distinguish three different phases. Phase one will be installation, phase two will be testing the new solution, and phase three will be the roll-out phase.