Trade finance

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QL trade finance is fully integrated with other functionalities of the QL platform to achieve complete STP from front-end to back-office operations.

QL's trade finance (BPO) functionality offers solutions to the most complex needs, drawing from a wide range of financing techniques. We are fully focused on providing an integrated front-end and back-office platform catering for internal and external deployment at a domestic, regional or global level. This will help increase liquidity in the supply chain and reduce the risk inherent in trade flows. QL is a leader in providing creative financing options for growing small and mid-sized businesses and banks.

BPO is a new solution in supply chain finance. It is a project where SWIFT & ICC collaborate on enhanced rules and tools for trade finance. It provides the benefits of a letter of credit in an automated and secured environment. This can be seen as an alternative means of settlement in international trade. BPO is all about trading, that is why QL offers a Trade Payment Obligation (TPO) functionality in their platform. TPO is an alternate payment instrument to settle international trade with automated processing and reduced risk (assurance of payment to the seller).