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QL reporting provides several reports to help you review and analyze your cash management activities and gain insight in Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance.

Common questions

QL has the answers and service offerings on these topics. With QL it's easy to have full control of all the company's accounts, across the world with one push on the button. The only action to take is to mandate your bank to send information to QL instead of having all kinds of electronic banking systems and different passwords. QL Balance & transaction reporting is the easiest way to manage the corporate's cash flows and to monitor the payments and receivables via a single secure financial gateway.

QL Balance & transaction reporting offers drill-down capabilities to view balances across countries, currencies, banks, etc. If preferred, detailed information of the statements can be reported via drill-down services as well to view individual transactions. Action can be taken directly if the corporate also uses QL Payments and/or QL Receivables.

All the information will be stored at QL's platform for unlimited time. This offers a great opportunity to analyze the data to forecast the future more accurate.

How it works

Real-time cash visibility

Adding the balance & transaction reporting service to QL Payments and QL Receivables creates the opportunity of real-time cash management and reconciliation of payments and outstanding invoices. It is a single, standardised point of reference for unique KYC compliance and full control over your financial intelligence data.