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QL Payments Platform makes it simple to comply with the latest rules, regulations and standards, such as SEPA, ISO 20022 and SWIFT, on a single Quantum-Ledger Payment Platform (beyond Blockchain).


QL Payments is a centralized payment processing system that offers back-end integration with ERP systems via secure interfaces, resulting in an aggregated and centralized payment processing center. Further, it handles incoming payment information in multiple data formats while providing workflow management of payment approvals, a rules engine to determine the lowest-cost method of payment, and links to multiple banking systems.


QL can operate alongside your existing systems and can be introduced in a step-by-step manner at a pace of your choice. This allows for bringing part of your operations live on QL without radical changes or disruptions to your existing systems or infrastructure.

By using the QL platform you will automatically benefit from all the latest technological innovations and standards without the need to upgrade your systems. QL's Cash management-as-a-service offers complete flexibility and scalability. Our system grows with the size and complexity of your organization.


Core Benefits

The Underlying goal of QL Payments, is to successfully execute payments on an enterprise-wide basis. The increased push to consolidate treasury activities to a smaller number of locations across the globe, make payment factories ideal, as they offer the required combination of localized flexibility with centralized control and visibility.