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QL can work with any bank and any format, so the last thing you will have to worry about is connectivity with your current systems.

In terms of connectivity, QL Payments serves between the in-house systems such as the ERP and Treasury Management systems and the external systems and services. This requires integration with bank specific applications as well as with multi-bank standards such as FTP, SWIFTNet, Etebac or EBICS; with multiple protocols supported in a single solution.

QL Payments validates output from multiple systems to ensure that payment instructions from the originating systems are optimized and sent to the bank in the appropriate format. QL Payments helps to minimize additional fees or gaps in process by automatically formatting and sending instructions based on pre-configured workflow and templates as dictated by the various banking systems. This is critical because if a bank is required to repair payments, there is the danger of incurring additional costs. By incorporating validation tools covering IBANS, BICS and Sort Codes, QL Payments helps to reduce operational and transactional costs.

QL can work with any bank

Currently QL has ready-made connections with the following banks:

Format compatibility

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