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 QUANTUM LEDGER (QL) is a Platform provider with three technologies:

  • Platform-of-platforms Technology for banking and payments.
  • Blockchain technology - QUANTUM LEDGER.
  • Quantum Artificial Intelligence.

 QUANTUM LEDGER develops platforms for members:

  • QL has a revolutionary unique platform for photon-based (cyber) security. The name of our platform is Quantum Identity. You have a unique Quantum Identity.
  • QL's Internet of Things-platform has NEMS on products for consumers and all players in the value chain: pre-time and real- time GATX-payments and logistics. It's blockchain-based. No smart phones needed.
  • QL is technlogy-provider for e.g. Credit China Holdings Limited. This is a leading FinTech service Provider in China and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
  • IPFS (Inter Planetary File System) is the permanent web. IPFS is a new peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol. QL is building an IPFS-Platform which is connected with QUANTUM LEDGER and QL'S Platform-of-Platforms for Banking & payments and other QL Platforms. 

 Our Business Model: QUANTUM LEDGER has members and customers.

  • QL partners with technology powerhouses, finanical services (e.g. banks, insurance, pensionfunds), multinationals, software and IoT companies. 
  • They are QL members.
  • Members pay an entry fee for membership per year. A joint venture is an option.
  • QL's customers are companies with their own businessess and brands e.g. energy-oil, cars, consumer goods and retail.
QL has offices in New York, London and Hangzhou (LAB).
QL branch (liaison) offices are in Wuxi (Sunway TaihuLight 神威·太湖之光) and Shenzhen.

QL is a member company of www.qifintech.com

For more information about membership send mail to:quantumledger@gmail.com