QUANTUM LEDGER (QL) is a Platform provider with three technologies:

  • Platform-of-platforms Technology for banking and payments.
  • Blockchain technology - QUANTUM LEDGER.
  • Quantum Artificial Intelligence.

 QUANTUM LEDGER develops platforms for members:

  • QL has a revolutionary unique platform for photon-based (cyber) security. The name of our platform is Quantum Identity. You have a unique Quantum Identity.
  • QL's Internet of Things-platform has NEMS on products for consumers and all players in the value chain: pre-time and real- time GATX-payments and logistics. It's blockchain-based. No smart phones needed.
  • QL is technlogy-provider for e.g. Credit China Holdings Limited. This is a leading FinTech service Provider in China and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
  • IPFS (Inter Planetary File System) is the permanent web. IPFS is a new peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol. QL is building an IPFS-Platform which is connected with QUANTUM LEDGER and QL'S Platform-of-Platforms for Banking & payments and other QL Platforms. 

 Our Business Model: QUANTUM LEDGER has members and customers.

  • QL partners with technology powerhouses, finanical services (e.g. banks, insurance, pensionfunds), multinationals, software and IoT companies. 
  • They are QL members.
  • Members pay an entry fee for membership per year. A joint venture is an option.
  • QL's customers are companies with their own businessess and brands e.g. energy-oil, cars, consumer goods and retail.
QL has offices in New York, London and Hangzhou (LAB).
QL branch (liaison) offices are in Wuxi (Sunway TaihuLight 神威·太湖之光) and Shenzhen.

For more information about membership send mail to:quantumledger@gmail.com